Nocturnal Seattle

a nWoD Game

This is the Obsidian Portal for my Seattle game in the new World of Darkness. Every player starts with nothing but a character’s name, occupation, and some raw concepts. During the first three to four sessions, I offer players a series of seemingly innocuous choices… each of which will eventually lead to the Tearing of The Veil and the revelation of the… Things crawling around underneath the skin of the city. As the games progress, I introduce more rules to the game, and ask my players to fill in their character sheets as they see their characters based off how they’ve played them. By the end of the fourth game, most of the character sheet should be finished.

There’s also a big interpretive element in that I ask my players to create a 15 song playlist after (potentially) listening to a few sample playlists that I’ve made. I then also use it to determine what fate lies in store for them at the end of the fourth/fifth game.

I chose Seattle as the setting based off the fact that I lived their for over two years, and am familiar with the area. I also chose it because Seattle is a well known major metropolitan city that’s surrounded by plenty of natural parks and open country side, as well as vast stretches of suburbia, allowing me to change scenes frequently depending on what I need to set the mood.

Nocturnal Seattle

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